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CLEANING. Cleaning the apartment at the end of each stay is the owner's duty towards the following guest. The owner asks you to cover this cost with a fee (from 30 to 50 euros), in normal circumstances. Should the apartment be left in a specially dirty condition, you may be asked an additional cleaning charge.

Should you require cleaning services during your stay, an agreement may be reached, at a price, but please let us know in advance in order to organize it.


CHANGING BOOKING CONDITIONS: Once the reservation is confirmed (pre-payment has been made), the reservation will be considered definitive. Barcelona On Line will always try to adapt any change (dates or number of people) depending on the availability. As a general rule, small changes communicated enough in advance (such as 1 day stay more or less, or 1 person more or less), should not be any problem, provided there is availability in the reserved apartment or in its defect in a similar one.

However, in case of periods of high demand (fairs and congresses, summer, holidays, etc.), Barcelona On Line can apply the following conditions:

In case of increasing the length of your stay, we'll add to the amount to be paid accordingly.

In case of a decrease in the length of your stay, should it be communicated enough in advance for us to find other guests, the amount to be paid will be reduced accordingly. On the contrary, unless you agree to pay the full price of the originally booked stay, Barcelona On Line may cancel your reservation.

In case of increasing the number of people, Barcelona On Line will only accept the change in case there are enough available beds, and the price will be recalculated accordingly. Alternatively, Barcelona On Line will try and find availability in another apartment, with capacity enough to house the whole group, in any case according to the price of the new apartment.

In case of decreasing the number of people, Barcelona may decide to change the group to a smaller apartment or to cancel the reservation, unless you accept to pay the global amount previously establish.


CANCELLATION. Should a cancellation occur, be it your decision (inability to come, cancellation of your trip, etc) or because an agreement has not been reached in case of changing booking conditions, the following rules will apply:

If the cancellation takes place in the 2 months prior to your arrival date, the owner will return the amount of the pre- payment, minus expenses (up to 20%).

If the cancellation takes place within the 2 months prior to your arrival date, the owner will always try and reach a reasonable agreement, but will be only compelled to return the amount of your transfer, minus expenses (up to 20%), in case he has been able to rent the apartment at least, under the same conditions.


GENERAL CONDITIONS. The apartments are rented according to Spanish law and a specific contract. You may ask us to send you in advance this contract and its English translation (only the Spanish version is legally binding). The main specific provisions of this contract are:

Responsibility: damages caused to people or the contents of the apartment during the duration of the contract is the Civil responsibility of the "rentee".

Duration: the duration of the contract is specifically stated, thus ending automatically at the end of the agreed period. Upon failure to return the apartment at the end of the contract, the owner is entitled to perceive double the originally agreed price for the duration of the extended stay, plus damages and expenses.

Missing objects or deterioration: payment of a deposit does not constitute a waiver of the owner's right to claim compensation or replacement. Should the deposit cover damages, replacement or compensation cost will be automatically deduced from it.


OUT OF BUSINESS HOURS. In many cases, you will be asked to come at Barcelona On Line's offices on your arrival, to complete remaining paperwork, and receive further instructions. Our offices are open from Mon to Fri, from 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm, and on Sat from 9am to 2pm. Most of the time somebody is available at lunch time or after 7pm, but please make sure calling ahead!

If you arrive to or leave the apartment from 23 p.m. to 7 a.m., an additional amount of 20 € will be charged in both cases. In that case, we'll inform you by e-mail.


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