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Hotel aparthotel silver
Booking phone: +34 934 451 530
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Tommaso M (10/04/2010 19:57:00)

Place - Localización: ***. Comfort: ****. Quietness - Silencio: ***. Staff - Personal: ****. Equipment - instalaciones: ****. Price-quality - Calidad-precio: ****. The best-Lo mejor: tutto ok...consigliato!!

michel c (25/11/2009 16:04:00)

très bon accueil. garage fermé pour notre véhicule. on y retournera d''ici peu.

(22/09/2009 19:24:00)

Excellent à tout points de vue : accueil, équipement, calme... Proximité du métro, garage...

web (30/11/2006 14:12:00)

Estuvimos hospedados mi marido y yo 7 dias desde el 13/11/06 y apesar de que el hotel estaba en reparaciones y que la habitacion era un poco pequena, la atencion y preocupacion de los empleados fue excelente y trataron siempre de complacernos y hacernos sentir bien. El hotel en si esta muy bien ubicado, cerca del Metro, de un supermercado y tiendas. Esperamos volver pronto a Barcelona y estoy segura que volveremos tambien a este hotel que nos dio buen precio y atencion.

web (30/03/2006 12:00:00)

Vam tenir una bona estada a l'hotel. El servei es molt bo, en especial el señor Carles que sempre ens rebé amb un somriure (encara que arribesim mooolt tard...) Això es degué a que la situació és molt bona per anar als bars del centre de la ciutat (perquè té molt a prop metro i autobusos) i alhora pots descansar sense sorolls: en resum, molt bona situació geogràfica dins la ciutat. Mercès per tot, segur que tornarem.

web (31/01/2006 19:42:00)

This hotel was closer to the metro (about 150m) than I originally thought, based on the maps provided by the internet. The rooms looked nicer in reality and the facilities were a pleasant surprise. The staff was very welcoming, even allowing me to practice my long-forgotten Spanish before they switched to English. The air conditioner was very efficient, even on low. We were in room 302, a non-smoking room with a window that opened on the courtyard. It was a blessing to be able to leave the window open all night and get fresh air, AND still be quiet enough to sleep. The small and cramped kitchenette saved us lots of money on eating out and allowed us to stay closer to our normal diet. There were 2 mom&pop organic/natural food shops between the metro and the hotel. They had mostly dry goods, but with some refigerated items (juice, milk, jam...). There was also a laudromat about 15 minutes from the hotel. You need to find it on your own as the it competes with the hotel's laundry service. It is on the next major street past the metro (about 150-300m) and then about 500-800m to the right. Now for the "buts" The towels were excellent, but the sheets were a little worn. The neghborhood is quiet, but the walls between the rooms are too thin. There was a complementary computer with internet, but it was often busy (since I wasn't expecting it, I shouldn't include it in the "buts" section, but...) We had a great time in Barcelona for 8 days and would stay at this hotel again on our next trip.

web (31/01/2006 19:41:00)

I read very good reviews before my reservation and was not at all disappointed - all was as good as I have read - a breakfast, a service, a location.Our room was the most cheap in the hotel, but very comfortable and even spacious. Bathroom was a nice surprise, there was even a bidet! Kitchenett was very useful, as well as a free PC with internet in the hall.They let us store our luggage ofter our check-out because we had a late flight. In short, a very pleasant stay and I recommend the hotel.

web (31/01/2006 19:40:00)

Questo albergo si trova in una zona molto tranquilla e carina della città con la metro a 50 metri (fermata "Fontana")che ti porta in centro in meno di 10 minuti. La camera era spaziosa e ben arredata, meno confortevole il bagno decisamente troppo piccolo. Il personale è stato sempre molto gentile e disponibile. La colazione non è un gran chè, meglio optare per uno dei numerosi e invitanti bar della città. Nombre del usuario: Pasanisi Fabrizio

web (31/01/2006 19:40:00)

Eu e minha esposa estivemos por 3 dias e fomos muito bem atendidos por todos os funcionários deste apart hotel. Em especial o Sr. Miguel, sempre muito prestativo. O local é muito quieto e perto de um comercio variado, com bons resturantes. É possivel preparar alguma comida no apartamento, nós fizemos alguma coisa a noite. Vale a pena ficar neste hotel. Parabéns

web (31/01/2006 19:40:00)

Once we realised that the hotel was much nearer the metro than we first thought it was very easy to find, the staff were welcoming and spoke very good english. The area was nice, plenty of shops and restaurants, and more locals than in the tourist traps!

web (25/05/2005 14:29:00)

muy bien situado al lado del metro, muy cuco y nada caro

null (27/08/2001 1:51:00)

VERY NICE HOTEL Friendly staff and good service

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