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Barcelona NightLife

Barcelona’s cultural night offer is amazing. Music, theatre, dances cinema… Many possibilities are provided to you to enjoy yourself. The Palau de la Música Catalana declared World heritage by UNESCO is a good example of that. You will be able to see other mythic buildings like the Liceu Theatre or the Auditori. We can’t forget to talk to you about the amazing Razzmatazz and Bikini which are places where you will enjoy some of the best concerts.

Whatever it is that you like, you will find it here in Barcelona. Have a look on the cultural scene of Barcelona.
· Venues [+]

Apolo Música electrónica por excelencia. Nou de la Rambla, 113 Sants - Montjuïc
Apolo 2 c/ Nou de la Rambla 111
Auditori Lepant, 150 - 08013 Barcelona
BeCool Plaza Joan Llongueras, 5
BEGOOD CLUB Sancho de Ávila, 78
Bikini Deu i mata 105
Castelló: Avda. Francesc Cambó 36
Jamboree Plaça Reial 17
MEPHISTO - C/ Roc Boronat, 33 - Barcelona
Palau de la Música catalana Sant Francesc de Paula 2
La Paloma: c/ Tigre, 27
RAZZMATAZZ - C/ Almogàvers, 122
SIDECAR Factory Club Plaça Reial, 7
Tarantos Plaça Reial 17
Calle llançà numero 5
· Theatres [+]
Barcelona Teatre Musical Av. de la Guardia Urbana, s/n. Zona: Montjuïc
Cafè Teatre Llantiol Riereta, 7
Club Capitol La Rambla, 138
Espai Brossa C/ Allada Vermell, 13
Teatre Lliure Plaça margarida xirgu, 1
Gran Teatre del Liceu La Rambla, 51-59
Jove Teatre Regina Sèneca, 22
La Puntual Allada Vermell, 15
Mercat de les Flors Lleida, 59
Teatre Apolo Av. Paralolel, 59-61
Teatre Borràs Pl. Urquinaona, 9
Teatre Condal Av. Paralolel, 91
Teatro Goya Joaquín Costa, 68
Teatre Grec Pg. Santa Madrona, 36
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya Pl. Arts, 1
Teatro Novedades Casp, 1
Teatre Poliorama La Rambla, 115
Teatro Principal La Rambla, 27
Teatre Romea Hospital, 51
Teatre Tívoli Casp, 8-10
Teatre Victòria Av. Paralolel, 65-67
Teatreneu Calle terol 26
Villarroel Teatre Villarroel, 87
Sala Beckett Alegre de Dalt, 55 bis
Sala Fabià Puigserver Passeig de santa madrona, 40-46
Sala Muntaner Muntaner, 4
Versus Teatre Castillejos, 179
· Cinemas [+]
Once in Barcelona, we advice you to have a look on the local press for you to check all the premieres and cinemas where you can go. You can also call this information number: 012.
· Opera & dance [+]
Auditori Lepant, 150 - 08013 Barcelona
Gran Teatre del Liceu La Rambla, 51-59
Palau de la Música catalana Sant Francesc de Paula 2
Sala Winterthur Av. Diagonal, 547
Teatre Grec Pg. Santa Madrona, 36
Teatre Lliure Plaça margarida xirgu, 1
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya Pl. Arts, 1
Teatro Novedades Casp, 1
Teatre Poliorama La Rambla, 115

Barcelona’s nightlife has the particularity of being divided by zones and each zone brings its public. Find out your place in one of the cultural zones of Barcelona!

· Ciutat Vella [+]
This district includes three of the most visited zones by locals and tourists. In the Barrio Gotico and Raval, you will find many places like little bars where many people who like the Bohemian atmosphere abound. The Born counts on a more “trendy” public. Its establishments are used to being designed in agreement with the last trend. Anyway, the main common point between these places is the cosmopolitan and diverse character of the public.
· Barrio de Gràcia [+]
This is one of the most particular districts of Barcelona. Here, terraces and seats are full with this festival atmosphere peculiar to this district. Possibly one of the busiest zone with Barcelonan people looking for a place where appearances do not matter. In fact, you will also find that Bohemian atmosphere breathed in some zones of Ciutat Vella.
· Eixample [+]
By its amplitude, it is one of the districts crowded with the greatest number of bars and discos. Here, you will find places for all kind of public. In addition to the ample range of restaurants, nocturnal places seem to appear at any corner. From the posh atmosphere of Balmes street to small musical bars distributed by the entire zone.
· Gayeixample [+]
Without a doubt, this is the paradise of the homosexuals of Barcelona. Bars and discos have been conceived just for one public: gays, lesbians and transsexuals. Nevertheless, many places are declared heterofriendly.
· Sarriá-Sant Gervasi [+]
It is one of the trendiest zones of the city. Bars and clubs are grouped in a space where clubbing lovers are used to going.
· Les Corts [+]
Considering the range of styles, this district holds the more varied areas even if the number of places is reduced. Some of the best clubs and places are here and attract night lovers thirsty of diverse styles of music.
· Pueblo Español [+]
Peculiar and far from noise and mess, these outdoor places count with some of the busiest clubs of the city such as "La Terraza", "Torres de Ávila" and "New D". It is definitely the Barcelonan cradle of electronic and seduction.
· Poble Nou [+]
With its young and rocker atmosphere, this zone enjoys an enviable supply of bars and discos in a few streets. In addition, it is one of the main places of quality gigs of the Catalan capital.

Barcelona provides you several possibilities of enjoying the night without worrying about the way to go home.

· Metro [+]
From Monday to Thursday, Sundays and festive only circulates until 24h. Nevertheless, the nights of Friday and Saturday it works until the 2 pm.
· RENFE [+]
The trains circulate daily until 24h approximately. We advise you to check the schedules of your destination before.
· Nit Bus [+]
The city has a service of nocturnal buses that operate all night long and through the whole city. It is almost the same route done during day and night.
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