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Be adventurous!

For its adventure box, we have selected 50 outdoor activities in Spain.

You will discover experiences that help you to disconnect, change your rhythm and recharge.

Whether caving, rock climbing, rafting, trekking, quad biking, snowboarding, hydrospeeding… you are free to choose and live a unique and bespoke Adventure experience.

PRICE: 60€

The beneficiary will be able to choose one of the following activities and to do the reservation on the date suitable for him/her.

Individual experiences:
  • Trekking (Puigcerdà, Girona)
  • Walking excursion (Puigcerdà, Girona)
  • Mountain biking (Puigcerdà, Girona)
  • Downhill mountain biking (Puigcerdà, Girona)
  • A guided sea kayak tour + a solo trip (L’Escala – Girona)
  • Rafting excursion + a souvenir T-Shirt or cap (Llavoirsí – Lérida)
  • Introduction to Canyoning + a souvenir T-Shirt or cap (Llavoirsí – Lérida)
  • Improving your Canyoning (Llavoirsí – Lérida)
  • Hydrospeed (Llavorsí – Lérida)
  • Open-Kayak (Llavorsí – Lérida)
  • Kayak excursion (Llavorsí – Lérida)
  • A motor boat trip (L’Estartit – Girona)
  • Introduction to scuba diving (Barcelona)
  • Introduction to rock climbing (Cerdaña)
  • Improving your rock climbing (Cerdaña)
  • Introduction to caving (Cerdaña)
  • Quad biking (L’Estartit – Girona)
  • Buggy ride (L’Estartit – Girona)
  • Ski lesson + material (Madrid)
  • Snowboard lesson + material (Madrid)
  • Half day pass for the indoor ski slope of Madrid + material (Madrid)
  • Ski lesson (Puigcerdá – Girona)
  • Snowboard lesson (Puigcerdá – Girona)
  • Snowshoeing trip (Puigcerdà – Girona)
  • Cross-country skiing lesson (Puigcerdá – Girona)
  • Surfing week-end (Playa de Somo – Cantabria)
  • Canyoning and picnic (Venta del Moro – Valencia)
  • Introduction to caving (Granada)
  • Mountain biking (Granada)
  • Rock climbing (Granada)
  • Abseiling + rock climbing + tree top adventure (Granada)
  • 4x4 driving (Granada)
  • Canyoning (Granada)
  • Rafting (Granada)
  • Kayak (Granada)
  • Caving (Granada)

Experiences for 2:

  • Tree top adventure (Arenys de Munt – Barcelona)
  • Horse ridding (Granada)
  • Snowshoeing trip (Grau Roig, Andorra)
  • Igloo building (Grau Roig, Andorra)
  • Canoeing (Granada)
  • Snowmobile ride (Grau Roig, Andorra)
  • Surfing (Playa de Somo, Cantabria)
  • Mushing (Grau Roig, Andorra)
  • Snowshoeing trip + orientation + rescue system in the snow (Grau Roig, Amdorra)
  • Pass for the indoor ski slope of Madrid (Madrid)
  • Rafting descent (Venta del Moro – Valencia)
  • Canoe excursion in the Duraton river (San Miguel de Bernuy, Segovia)
  • Tree top adventure (Navacerrada – Madrid)
  • Tree top adventure for an adult and a child (Navafría – Segovia)

Experiences for 3:
  • Walking excursion (Granada)
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