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Aventura Live an appetizing experience!

For its Gastronomy box, we have selected 41 gourmet activities in Catalunya and Madrid.
Discover new tastes, learn how to combine new flavours, learn how to taste and talk wine, improve your culinary skills to inject fantasy into your cooking.

Explore different cooking cultures and travel through the flavours of the world: from wine tasting, olive oil tasting, a Japanese or Mediterranean cooking classes… choose and live your gourmet bespoke experience.

PRICE: 80€

The beneficiary will be able to choose one of the following activities and to do the reservation on the date suitable for him/her.

Individual experiences:
  • Visit of the famous Boqueria market + traditional Spanish cuisine cooking class + a complete meal (Barcelona)
  • Traditional Spanish cuisine cooking class + a souvenir (Barcelona)
  • Discover wines with professional wine tasters (Barcelona)
  • Introduction to wine tasting (Barcelona)
  • Improving your wine tasting skills, 2 sessions (Madrid)
  • Introduction to wine tasting (Madrid)
  • World food cooking class followed by dinner, 2 sessions (Barcelona)
  • World food cooking class, 4 sessions (Barcelona)
  • Discover Cava (Madrid)
  • Discover Sherry (Madrid)
  • Discover wines from the Rioja and the Ribera del Duero (Madrid)
  • Discover foreign wines (Madrid)
  • Sushi and tempura cooking class (Madrid)
  • Olive oil tasting + meal with olive oil combinations (Madrid)
  • Mediterranean cooking class, 3 sessions (Barcelona)
  • Coffee tasting class + a coffee set + a book about coffee (Barcelona)
  • Learn the basics of cooking, 2 sessions (Madrid)
  • Improve your knowledge of cooking, 2 sessions (Madrid)
  • Perfect your cooking techniques (Madrid)
  • Themed cooking class, varies each month (Madrid)
  • Introduction to wine tasting (Valencia)
  • Introduction to wine tasting, 2 sessions (Sevilla)
  • Asiatic cooking class, 2 sessions (Barcelona)
  • High quality “tapas” cooking class, 2 sessions (Barcelona)
  • Iberic Bellota ham tasting (Madrid)
  • Cheese tasting (Madrid)
  • Cava and Champagne tasting (Madrid)
  • Olive oil culture and gastronomy initiation + meal (Jaén)
  • Cooking class of traditional recipes, 2 sessions (Bilbao)
  • Themed cooking class, 2 sessions (Bilbao)
  • Initiation to the Spanish traditional cooking (Bilbao)

Experiences for 2:
  • Coffee tasting class (Barcelona)
  • World food cooking class and dinner (Barcelona)
  • Grapes tasting and a bottle of wine (Valencia)
  • Training class of taste and of sense of smell (Sevilla)
  • Themed wine class (Sevilla)
  • Themed cooking class (Bilbao)
  • Asiatic cooking class (Barcelona)
  • Beer tasting (Madrid)
Experiences for 2:
  • Olive oil talk and tasting (Madrid)

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